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About us.

What makes Switch Research different from other brands?

We are a research driven brand, we not only build our products based on published research, we also study our products in Universities to ensure our products are the most credible, trustworthy, and high quality mental health resources on the market.

Who should I contact for marketing or press inquiries?

Send us a message at [email protected] with any relevant information as to who you are, the publication you're with, and any links that will give us an idea of what you're all about. We'll make sure your message gets to the appropriate person.

Where is Switch Research based?

Switch Research is a Canadian company based out of Kelowna, British Columbia.

What other mental health resources do you offer?

Therapy Talks Podcast: Clinical therapists Barb Egan & Hailey Kanigan interview psychologists, researchers, and practicing clinical therapists. In the episodes, you will learn about the tools therapists use to help their patients with anxiety, trauma